The 5 Elements: Intelligent Project Management Skills

Integrating Advanced Interpersonal Skills into Personal Development, Project Management and Team Cultures

Are you tired of running into the same bumps that slow down your projects and team workflow? Do the words “efficiency” and “productivity” and “meetings” make you roll your eyes?

When collaboration has lost its magic, its edge and its purpose, it’s time to take back the value that collaboration and teamwork were designed to create.

Some workshops deal with quantitative tools for personal development and project management, we deal with the human factor.

Most projects don't fail due to a lack of tools. They fail because the people on the projects (1) lack the personal skills to deal with unexpected adversity, stress and anxiety (2) can't or don't adequately communicate with each other (3) fail to have a shared definition for "success" (4) fail to consider tailoring the approach for their project and (5) fail to deal with change appropriately.

The 5 Elements is an experience designed for people who are ready to take their skills to a new level and explore a different perspective to human-centric approaches on: 1) personal growth, 2) group interactions, 3) delivery of value, 4) customization, and 5) managing discovery So you can apply these skills and tools to improve the quality of team and project outcomes.

Join us to explore and navigate these concepts. This workshop is a self-paced, online workshop that includes downloadable tools, an ongoing LinkedIn discussion group and professional coaching.

Start your journey today! Eligible for 2 PDUs at the Project Management Institute.

What you get out of this...

  • 2 PDUs from the PMI/2 group contact hours

    Time spent in this workshop can go toward maintaining your professional designation.

  • 1 group coaching session

    You'll have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to the instructors and benefit from listening to the questions other participants have.

  • Tools

    Includes dynamic tools that you can download and use right away


  • Downloadable Material

    Extra resources, including reading materials and information sources, are added to the workshop and updated regularly!

  • Mentorship and Community

    This workshop includes a community discussion group on LinkedIn for people to reflect and chat on this workshop (PLUS our facilitators join in to answer Q's and share resources).

Standard Pricing

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What people say about this workshop...

“The workshop [is] very valuable for those who are on the path of understanding leadership and related topics in more depth. I personally learned a lot from your insight on the topic and the way you guided your audience through the different layers of the concepts.”


Jim is a well-respected speaker, facilitator, educator and thought leader in his field. With over 20 years of experience, he has facilitated powerful in-depth workshops on business analysis techniques and team-based project management concepts, that are now supported by the Project Management Institute. He provides consulting on organizational strategy and frameworks for online and in person workshops. He is passionate about educating people and organizations to create deliberate cultures that foster collaboration, inclusion, and creativity. These, he feels are the seeds that are sown by true leaders to generate amazing results in corporate productivity and personal fulfillment. Jim has volunteered with Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC and with the Society to End Homelessness in Burnaby. He is the author of Software Teamwork: Taking Ownership for Success and Jounce!: Crafting a Resilient Life in an Increasingly Chaotic World.

Jim Brosseau

Principal at Clarrus and E.M. Sciences Ltd


As the founder of L3C, Rose brings over two decades of background in management consulting and strategic project advisory. She is a leader in professional development and known for her work in the arenas of project leadership and time management, collaboration, and creativity.

L3C works with international and national groups, in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. As a certified project advisor (PMP), she continues to deliver leadership training internationally and as a facilitator, she’s worked with over 25,000 participants and is ranked by a recognized national organization (Mitacs) as a top Canadian facilitator.

Her background has led her to co-founding HG Learning Solutions (2021), an organization dedicated towards developing educational technology and services for the next century of professional learning. She is also a co-founder of LMG Creative, and is internationally recognized and awarded as a screen composer and producer. She is an active member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), AWFC (Alliance for Women Film Composers), and SCGC (Screen Composers Guild of Canada).

In addition to her corporate, creative, and technical education projects, she currently serves as an independent project advisor for organizations such as NNedPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, as well as continues her mentorship practice with her clients and donates a portion of her company’s time towards socially relevant projects and productions.

Rose Hastreiter

CEO and Founder of L3C Learning and Leadership

Course curriculum

    1. A Message from the Instructors

    2. Course Overview

    3. The 5 Elements Workbook

    4. The 5 Elements Community Discussion Group

    5. Before we begin...

    1. The Project of You - Where to Start?

    2. On Crafting Resilience

    3. On Building Presence

    4. Exercises: Developing Presence

    5. On Developing Good Tools

    6. The Johari Window

    7. Reflection: Increasing our Johari Window Arena

    8. On Building Positive Relationships

    9. On Honing Your Focus

    1. Reflection: Your experiences with team cultures

    2. Introduction to Element 2

    3. Potential benefits of Improved Culture and Leadership

    4. Developing an Intentional Culture Takes Time

    5. Field Trip: Watch for the examples of Self-Oriented Behaviours

    6. What That Time Looks Like

    7. CSA: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

    8. Two Types of Leadership

    9. Hierarchical Leadership

    10. A Situational Leadership Model

    11. Collaborative Leadership

    12. The Interplay of Language and Culture

    1. Introduction to Element 3: Delivering Value

    2. A Second Layer of Value

    3. Value as a Rallying Point for the Team

    4. Value as a Primary Test for Decisions

    5. Value to Compel Others to Provide Support

    6. Understanding Direct Value

    7. Understanding Indirect Value

    1. Introduction to Element 4

    2. Predictive and Adaptive Planning

    3. Iterative and Hybrid Planning

    4. Awareness Factors

    5. How to Implement Tailoring

    1. Introduction to Element 5

    2. Designing Your Discovery Process

    3. The Power of Questions

    4. Concluding Thoughts

    5. Digital Discovery Kit Walkthrough

About this course

  • $320.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content


  • Who would take this course?

    This course is most often taken by project managers, business analysts, leaders, executives, managers, people working in a team environment and people looking to grow their personal skills to be more effective when interacting with other people. Materials for this workshop have been tried and tested over a 10-20 period with professionals from industries such as software development, high tech, healthcare, government, as well as with graduate and post graduate students in North American universities.

  • Why should I take this course?

    People often forget principles based or human centric solutions when they have problems. Instead they continue to flog process oriented solutions even though this approach gives them diminishing returns. Many of our problems in life and at work are a result of issues in interacting with other people. Improving your skills in this area will decrease your stress, improve your engagement and enjoyment with your life and provide your with better professional results on your work teams.

  • How much time does this course take?

    There are about 2.0 hours of video time and we recommend another 2-2.5 hours of personal study with the materials provided to you.

  • Is this a project management course

    This course is eligible for 2 PDUs from the Project Management Institute (PMI). In 2021, the PMI released a new PMBOK that included a pivotal change by placing emphasis on human centric/values based principles. While it covers project management concepts, this course also discusses personal development topics, which in many ways is part of being a better project manager. This course is composed of materials created by Clarrus and Leonty3C that have been used over the last 10-20 years to help human interactions flow more smoothly in team settings.

  • Do you have other courses that explore the topics introduced here more fully?

    Yes! Clarrus and Leonty3C both have follow-on workshops that more delve deeper into the subjects of personal resilience, working in teams in project management, leadership on teams, delivery of value, time management and more. Please visit or to check us out.

  • Do I have to prove that I'm a student to qualify for the student discount?

    Yes. If you would like to receive a code that applies the Student Rate, we ask that you provide a copy of your student card or other official ID. Contact us to get that code.

  • What if I graduated last year?

    To qualify for the Student Rate it means you are in school or have finished your studies in the past year.

  • How do I qualify for the Relief Rate?

    Contact us at [email protected] and we will figure out your request on a case by case basis. The Relief Rates are designed for those who want to learn but are in difficult financial circumstances.

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